Amanda & Zach

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Hey everyone!

Welcome to our 'Homage to Netflix' wedding website. This is your host, Amanda!

I met Zach on his first day working at Triangle Square cinemas (a fun, little budget movie theater in Costa Mesa). I was the scheduled trainer that day, so I went to work showing him the ropes of the concession stand. He picked it up in a snap and before I knew it, I was standing in the back watching him work and admiring how warm and kind his voice was with every customer. I always saw a genuine, sweet, old-soul behind those Clark Kent glasses (which immediately changed to his now infamous Potter frames).

My family had recently finished remodeling our backyard movie viewing area and I thought of the perfect excuse to see Zach outside of work; an all day Harry Potter movie marathon for the whole team from work! (Couldn't invite only him now, could I? Too obvious...)

I spent the entire morning stringing up candles to the ceiling, making golden snitch cake pops, decorating the area with all the house colors, and having an on-going anxiety attack just waiting for the first person to arrive. Luckily only 4 people showed up, and the fourth one? You guessed it, my wizard himself. Even after the remaining 3 people got tired and left before the third movie, Zach remained. He stayed fully cocooned in every blanket I own, spent the entire evening watching Harry Potter with me and making me laugh harder than I have ever laughed in my life.

That was when I knew he was meant for me.


We hope that you are able to use our website to answer any questions you may have about our celebration.

From Zach and I both, thank you for your continued love and support.


We'll see you at the pizza party!!